Returning to the Fetal Position

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1999)

Paper Jacket


You might be dead I don't even know 'Cause I've too much pride to even pick up the phone I just don't know Maybe asleep I don't want to wake If you're going to tell me I am something to shake Out of your way And you have your Prozac to help you through the world But I don't even have an umbrella to twirl Over me when the rain is coming down No all I have is A paper jacket To protect me from the rain A paper jacket Hope it won't dissolve again With all the racket That spews from our mouths before The paper jacket Crumbles to pulp on the floor I see myself From a distant sight I wonder why the jackass just has to fight He should see light And in my dreams I'm lying in bed Just trying to push the evil thoughts from my head I'm scared to death Oh yes, this world scares me and I don't know who I am And you're not understanding my sincere pantomime That's the one way I can express myself Just like I'm wearing A paper jacket Try to shield me from the pain A paper jacket This face is weak and insane So please don't smack it So my tears make as they pour The paper jacket Crumble to pulp on the floor words and music 1999 Jeremy Mathews




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