Returning to the Fetal Position

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1999)



Life in this building has really got a high altitude that brings you down on the top floors I'm lonely and don't know what I should do By the time the plumber makes his way to the top stories to fix the leaky water I'm swimming in stuff from a backed up loo And as the water floats me to the ceiling I stretch my ear and hear the upstairs neighbors And I hear them begin to speak of you They say you are unsinkable and They say that no one can ever stop you I wonder what they say about me And also if you're dominance is true They say you live on the top floor and Compared by elevation's even small And if you'd allow something from me Can I put on a performance for you? The plumber comes in and saves me from drowning by opening one of my windows and door I thank him and he charges me a few And I've sunk back down, soaked, and as I ring the liquids out of my plaid flannel baggy pants I decide I must do something that's new I'll just lie about my need to cry tears as I sit and sigh in this high-rise apartment But the truth is I'm still in love with you words and music 1999 Jeremy Mathews




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