Returning to the Fetal Position

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1999)



I haven't had a snack in at least five days I haven't even jacked off in four whole weeks But you can't see what you've done You've unspoiled the milk in me Is that a good analogy? I don't care, I don't want love I wish you wouldn't smile, it kills me the same way You make me feel worthwhile when you start to speak You really should stop me now I'll make a big fool out of me Tell me I'm dumb and ugly I'd still be less of a clown Don't be so cruel Sheryl, Me thinks things won't fare well If I tell you all Tell me you don't love me, You're so far above me I can't feel more small I cannot write love songs I wanted to try one But only for you This has never happened But I can't be the one Who changes the blue Someone else has to There's no help from you Either nothing goes Or I will have to But I don't see where I'm coming from I don't see where I'm coming from I don't see where I'm coming from Or where it all might go words and music 1999 Jeremy Mathews




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