Timeless Towns and Haunted Places

(Nutra Stick Productions, 2003)

Funnier with a Laugh Track


Millions of people Think you are a god They donít seem to realize That you are a fraud And as long as those people Ignore what they see Your show will go down in History Even though itís not funny Since it made lots of money And itís funnier with a laugh track On a mid-sized TV screen When youíre stumbling through innuendo And you donít know what it means And you donít know what it means Why donít you just come clean? Millions of people All stand up and cheer Not based on what they see But on what they hear From the studio audience That is digital But still seems as genuine As your fatal flaw But itís not you the flawís killing Itís those who think itís healing Right now you look bad Go get post-production man He ought to come fix it As fast as he can words and music © 2003 Jeremy Mathews



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