Timeless Towns and Haunted Places

(Nutra Stick Productions, 2003)



If we build Rome in a day today No one can ever use the cliché again And if everyone listens to what I say No one will have to pay for their mistakes If you end up trapped in time today Trade your sundial for a watch as your escape And if the gods won’t work ‘cause we changed their names We’ll build a pantheon for who really makes our day And then we’re going down to the forum And we’re bringing along our megaphone masks And we’re going to apologize For all the empire’s done When word got out that the empire fell It couldn’t have been true It all started out so good And then came Caesar and then more Caesars But we could start again Let’s try it again When word’s out that the Christians are on the way We’ll lock up the art and let none of it escape And ensure that two thousand years from today Our descendants won’t be feeling too much shame words and music © 2003 Jeremy Mathews



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