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Those Wacky Crazy Canadians

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1998)

Heelu's Idiosyncrasies


I guess when Heelu grew up It was either too late or too soon And that could be the cause of Him acting like he's a complete loon And there are few things that confuse me Like Heelu's idiosyncrasies It's impossible to account for All of his great abnormalities And I think we should just let Heelu Be whatever it's he wants to be Instead of useless attempts to fix All Heelu's idiosyncrasies Heelu slept inside a trunk Why still gets me puzzled to this day He says that it's to keep love And other insanities away And he tries to make her love him And he tries to make her care Can't get himself into her mind There's just solipsism in there Oh my Heelu Don't cry Heelu Nothing's For you But don't cry Heelu words and music 1998 Jeremy Mathews




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