Those Wacky Crazy Canadians

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1999)

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg


The artist sat alone inside his studio Painting what he thought seemed to look nice Trying to make enough to suffice And then there was the saint, not knowing how to paint He just did what he believed was right Wanted to stop the whole wide world fight And then came the TV crews Shopping carts and fancy shoes Artist in front of crowd, speaks to all of the town He's a genius, he is a winner I wonder what he had for dinner Let's give the saint a grant, he can do things we can't And money is what makes everything A much better world for our living What could not be made regret And they reeked with discontent Artist stays up all day, he has nothing to say But he still paints 'cause he needs money He cannot let down anybody The saint can't sleep at night, he can't make the world right Thinks his life's a waste and stops caring No one else gives a damn about sharing So Then The artist said "I'm no artist," The saint said "I'm no saint "And I just cannot live up to what all these people think" words and music © 1998 Jeremy Mathews




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