Those Wacky Crazy Canadians

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1999)

The Food Chain


The cat sat on the porch Staring at the mouse Thinking about eating him But doing nothing The mouse sat on the step, Staring at the roach Taste buds tingle with each leg, Yet it does not attack it's prey The roach sat on the rail Staring at the grass A sweet green tasty treat, Yet it stayed on its cold black road The grass lay on the soil Thinking of clear liquid treat It's home would have it running great, But here it will have to wait The man sat in his home Thinking of the grass outside He should water it right away. Hell, it could wait another day The dog lay dead in the road The owners didn't close the gate But they won't have to pay They'll buy a new dog to die another day The woman drives in her car Thinking about what she has just done No understanding would be at her job If she had hit a dog and had to stop Words and Music 1997 Jeremy Mathews




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