12/02/2013: Timeless Towns and Haunted Places Released Finished at Last with Christmas Sex Duet featuring Deni Bonet!

Timeless Towns & Haunted Places

BIG NEWS: TIMELESS TOWNS & HAUNTED PLACES is complete after 13 years in the making!Buy it now and get NSPS's new Christmas sex duet with Deni Bonet, "Santa Hat," FREE!



04/15/10: NSPS Releases Video Compilation CD EP for Record Store Day!

In honor of Record Store Day and as part of Slow Train Records' initiative to encourage limited edition RSD releases from Utah bands, NSPS is proud to announce Audio-Visual Carnival Fragments. The enhanced CD marks the first time NSPS's six music videos have been sold in any format. The CD-ROM portion of the disc contains six videos in iTunes/iPod-ready format, and you can also listen to those songs (plus a bonus track) on the traditional audio portion of the disc.

NSPS - Audio-Visual Carnival Fragments

Election Day Blues on Vimeo.

Here's the lineup:
1. Election Day Blues
2. Sunburnt and Bruised
3. The Art of Packing
4. Pheromone Cologne
5. If You Aren't Psychic
6. Side Effects
BONUS TRACK: 7. Reason for the Seasons

09/21/09: NSPS Album on the Way

Throw out all those old demo tapes, NSPS is about to release something new and better: a kickass, top-quality album tentatively titled The Carnival Could Go No Further. Keep your eyes out and your ears peeled.






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