NSPS is a band with four people and they play live at Kilby Court some times.


NSPS plays manic-depressive, avant-popedelic music from a dying carnival. If jazz and folk had a baby, and it disappointed both of them by growing up to be an indie rocker, it might sound like this. Marked by wildly diverse styles and instrumentation, smart lyrics and a morbid sense of humor, the band has become known for off-the-wall live shows. Multi-instrumentalists Sarah Spark-Plug Morton and Steve Not-So-Naïve Taggart play and endless carosel of instruments, John Howa lays down wild beats, and Jeremy Mathews sings songs that worm their way into your head with a catchy sense of dread. You might not be sure what you're seeing and hearing, but you won't forget it.

The current lineup has been in place since 2014, but the the genesis of NSPS came in 1994. Kurt Cobain was dead and there was no spokesperson for a lost and confused generation. Unfortunately, Jeremy Mathews, a Junior High student starting a band with the initials NSPS, had neither the talent nor timing nor mass appeal to be Cobain's predecessor.

NSPS has since opened for Of Montreal, Dengue Fever, The Late B.P. Helium (aka Brian Helium of Elf Power and Of Montreal), Broken Water and other luminaries.




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