Timeless Towns and Haunted Places

(Nutra Stick Productions, 2013)

Buy it now, or you might just regret it for the rest of your life.


It took 13 years to finish Timeless Towns and Haunted Places, and at this point I'm really too tired to write a thorough making-of-the-album piece. I remember recording the demo (which eventually became the album version) of "Knife" in the summer of 1999 with Aaron Leitko's harmonium, marking the last time I used the four-track machine before switching to higher-tech gear.

The album evolved considerably since its early conception, at which point I envisioned an almost clunky combination of past and present, with sparse arrangements of songs that didn't seem to flow quite right. But then I recorded some tracks with the NSPS Rhythm All-Stars, "Furious" Joe Irvin and Aaron Leitko, and tracks like "Election Day Blues" and "Down a Hole" started to rock. Meanwhile, I put orchestral arrangements in songs like "Sunburnt and Bruised" and "Side Effects" and went electronic with synth noises on top of the acoustic "Pheromone Cologne" and guitar noise behind the a cappella closing track "The Snow." After extensive re-recording throughout 2008 through 2013, I finished the album after bringing in Deni Bonet to play violin and viola on "If You Aren't Psychic," "Shadowcaster" and "Funnier with a Laugh Track."

At the moment, I'm happy with the album, at other moments I think I could have improved it, but it's no longer my problem. Masterpiece or folly, it's yours to judge now, and I hope you enjoy listening to it more than I enjoyed making it.

-Jeremy Mathews

If you weren't willing to download it a minute ago, maybe you'd like to do it now. (In case you couldn't tell, we really think that you should buy this one.)



1. Election Day Blues

2. Abortable Adoption

3. Side Effects

4. If You Aren't Psychic

5. For You

6. The Art of Packing

7. Knife

8. Down a Hole

9. Funnier with a Laugh Track

10. Pheromone Cologne

11. Dimly Lit

12. Rome

13. Sunburnt and Bruised

14. Shadow Caster

15. Constellation Poetry

16. Uncomfortable Chairs

17. Too Many Milleniums

18. The Snow



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