Those Wacky Crazy Canadians

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1998)


The opus Those Wacky Crazy Canadians was completed about five times, but because no one noticed, I was able to keep changing it. In the end, the album featured the 32 best songs of the fifty or so recorded during 1997-98. These songs were at the second half of a very prolific period in which I was a better songwriter than I was with the first tape, and wrote like a man on speed (I wasn't on speed, though).

Some of the songs were taken from "Have a Nice Day," an unreleased twenty-song minimalist album recorded after I thought TWCC was complete. Since more complex arrangements were used for the final sessions ("The Last Cookie," "Heelu's Idiosyncrasies"), it's lucky if a cohesive album sneaks through.

Many of the complex arrangements were done with MIDI technology, since the arrangements werenÕt really possible with the four-track equipment I was using. Unfortunately, my computer was too old to handle the said large arrangements, and sometimes played the songs out of sync, even if it was programmed based on musical notations (instead of recording how it was played on a synthesizer). This made the songs sound more like they were played by a coldly mechanical sloppy band than by a coldly mechanical precise computing instrument. I have, therefore, considered re-recording the entire album, but the idea is too intimidating for me to decide on as of yet.

—Jeremy Mathews





Part I

1. Heelu's Idiosyncrasies

2. The Last Cookie

3. The Mysterious Miss and Her Strange Mule

4. If There Was a God

5. Two-Star Movie

6. Spark in the Dark

7. The Sponge

8. Alma Mater

9. Ceiling

10. The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg

11. The Artist and the Saint

12. The Tormented Artist on an Endangered Space Mission*

13. They Had it Coming

14. The Stuttering Alchemist

15. All Songs Must End

16. Day

Part II

17. If I Was President

18. Kicked in the Face

19. Something Swimming in my Trunks

20. What to Do

21. Wretch

22. If I Only Had a Time Machine

23. I Lost My Soul in an Automobile

24. Avoidance Behavior *

25. Never Wrote About it

26. These Magnets Together

27. Falling Trees

28. Chuckle Chuckle

29. Things Get Fucked Up

30. Reason for the Seasons

31. The Food Chain

32. You Don't Love Me




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